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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is synonymous with genius. His theories changed the way we understand the world and have had lasting effects. When people think of Einstein, they think of intelligence, imagination, and curiosity. A true dreamer, his trademark push-broom mustache and shock of white hair symbolize an absent-minded, yet incisive, intelligence. Whether being named TIME magazine's Person of the Century or used as the model for Star Wars' Yoda, he remains an inspiration to academics and dreamers alike.

I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.

Did You Know?

18.5million followers on the Einstein Official Facebook page in 2016

1905The "Miracle Year" during which Einstein published four different groundbreaking papers which laid the basis for modern physics and changed forever how humanity understands the workings of the universe

54years old when Einstein emigrated to the United States

1Nobel Prizes won (though most agree he should have won more!)

Check out the Official Albert Einstein website at www.einstein.biz