Tamra, SVP of Greenlight Rights and Clearance was featured in a Forbes article on the licensing of dead celebrities aka ‘Delebrities’.  An excerpt is below, but you can also read the Full Article on Forbes here.  

When it comes to celebrities, their brand value appears to go up once they have passed. Take Elvis, for example. He has been dead 40 years.  While seeming to be somewhat irrelevant to the current generations, Elvis is still “The King” by remaining on the list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

It Pays To Be Famous And Dead

According to the 2016 Forbes’ list of highest-earning dead celebrities, Elvis made $27 million while David Bowie made $10.5 million, John Lennon achieved $12 million, and Prince garnered $25 million. Of course, many others continue to rake in the money long after they have passed. Eight years after his death, Michael Jackson has earned approximately $825 million in that time.

This article by Tamra was originally published in Forbes