Think about the moments in your favorite film or TV series that have moved you the most. The ad you had to Shazam so you could jam to the featured music later on. Jingles you find yourself humming while you get around in the morning. The Super Bowl spot that had you swapping chips & guac for tissues. Chances are good that the entertainment and advertising moments that have impacted you the most were set to popular or buzzworthy music.

And it’s not just you. It’s a proven science that the use of pop music in advertising increases consumer attention, emotion and memory by as much as 20%. In entertainment media, of course, music is a storyteller, drawing out a character’s inner joy or heartbreak and making it resonate with the audience in ways that nothing else quite can.

Many marketers and producers, however, feel that the perfect song for their project is out of reach. The rights involved are too tricky, the costs too high, access to the necessary approval parties too restricted. Other times, creative agents who’ve crafted a new promotional campaign might know that they want to pair it with a hip, undiscovered track, but don’t know where to start. Producers handling music licensing in-house often don’t appreciate that more timely, cost-effective clearances are possible through firms that manage them in bulk, day-in / day-out.

And what about performance rights? Union reuse fees? Music clearances are so complicated, it’s not surprising that many productions and advertisers work with stock library music, leaving recognizable hits or trendy earworms out of their budget planning altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether the brief calls for a top-40 smash, a striking new take on an established hit, or an indie track dripping in cool, campaign directors and production managers can cut through the red tape of permissions and preserve their budgets by partnering with an established music supervision and clearance shop that has experience navigating and simplifying the process for its clients.

A clearance agency like Greenlight has longstanding relationships with music rights owners and artist managers, deep experience negotiating song clearances on time and for reasonable rates, and a team of music rights professionals who are both business affairs strategists and audio tastemakers. Choosing a clearance partner who meets these qualifications empowers brands and producers to identify, efficiently license and cultivate their sonic brand, driving audience engagement and recall.

Spotlight on: Summer

Production timelines being what they are, Greenlight is already supporting campaigns and programs with their summer launches. With our minds on the beach, chilling poolside, and backyard barbeques, we’re busy compiling summer playlists. Whether you’re still looking for the perfect sunny vibe to strike in your forthcoming production or just want to daydream yourself out of the wintery weather, enjoy our Summer Mood playlist. If the mood strikes, contact us to learn more about how Greenlight’s music supervisors and clearance agents can help you find and promote your own sonic brand.