Have you ever wondered where you could find “a Motown singer holding a parrot”? Or perhaps “a cartoon character eating a salad”? Or “a Golden Era Mexican Actress with a very particular hair style?

Finding the perfect content for your project is an arduous job, and securing its clearance is close to impossible if you’re dealing with rights holders who don’t speak English or aren’t familiar with commercial campaigns. However, with the help of expert, international, rights negotiators like Greenlight, even the most complex job can be completed on time and on budget. Flexibility and creativity are the keys to delivering a successful campaign.

Knowing where to look and who to talk to is our job.

The L’Oreal client had fallen in love with a particular photo of Sophia Loren with a specific hair style and pose, that they had conveniently pulled from Google. The photo had no credit line, no date, or archive that could help us identify the rights holders. We deployed all the usual methods to source the image, without any luck. After extensive research, a hint from a Russian forum, led us to the name of the photographer. Some more digging and connections led us to the daughter of the photographer, who had stored her late father’s famous pictures in a drawer! The discovery took almost two months, but it made for a very happy client and a gorgeous campaign.

Using Iconic, famous, and well-known content make for impactful and powerful communication plans. The most recent Airbnb campaign, which encourages travel while opposing the American travel ban, harnesses poignant clips of people coming to America. What would the World be if talented immigrants like Einstein weren’t allowed to enter the US? As the clips rewind throughout the video, the message is clear: we would all be going backwards.

We are proud to be part of such interesting campaigns. We let creatives build their clients’ vision while we secure imagery, clips, audio, copyright and trademarks to make their projects great. No matter how obscure or specific, Greenlight is committed to bring the creative vision to life.

So the next time you are looking for “that clip in which Houdini does his underwater trick…” give us a call, and see how we can help!

Still thinking about your next campaign? Here is a small selection of rare images you could use: