Charlie Chaplin remains as modern and forward thinking as any globally recognized star of current times. Universally loved, Charlie Chaplin captures the very essence of creativity, remaining accessible to today’s modern consumer.

Chaplin experienced hardship very early on in life and began performing in his early teenage years. By 1918 he had developed his Tramp persona, directed his own films, and was swiftly becoming one of the best-known figures in the world.  Even after 100 years since his passing, Chaplin continues to be one of the most well-known figures in the world, and a triumphant legend in the entertainment industry.

Every part of Chaplin’s career, and the work he has accomplished, reflects inventiveness and individuality – the goal for any creative. Chaplin’s quotes have inspired many, remaining true to himself and the way he behaved: ‘Imagination means nothing without doing’ perfectly encapsulates his writing, directing, producing, editing, starring in, and composing the music for most of his films. It reflects the boundaries crossed that few others have.

Chaplin was a perfectionist, and here at Greenlight we are delighted to represent this truly outstanding character.

Chaplin has often lent his spirit of individualism and creativity to brands. We have compiled a tribute of past campaigns featuring the film legend. Please have a watch.

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