Well, we started how we continued – on the up. 2017 into 2018 saw Greenlight’s UK team move up from the third to the prestigious fourth floor in our Borough High Street base, giving us an even better view of The Shard and closer access to our wonderful rooftop. You are most welcome to join us for a coffee anytime you like when the summer months are back in season.

Steve McQueen Tag Heuer partnership

Outside of our new floor superiority on the offices below us, we also had a fair amount of work to consider. We started the year off with significant extensions to ongoing deals with two of our most beloved icons.

Steve McQueen and Tag Heuer extended their brand partnership.  It’s been a match made in heaven ever since McQueen wore a Tag Heuer crest on his racing suit and a square-dial Tag Heuer Monaco on his wrist in the famous 1970 film “Le Mans’. The King of Cool has had a profound influence on TAG Heuer’s own story and we were delighted that this timeless story will continue to be told for many years to come.

We were equally delighted by an extension of Chanel’s long running partnership with Marilyn Monroe. Ever since Monroe told Life magazine in 1952 that Chanel No.5 was all she wore to bed, the alliance between brand and one of the most famous faces of all time has been clear to all. Long may that most natural of alliance continue.

Then came the Beast From The East, just in time for us Londoners to pack our swimming gear and sunscreen and head to Los Angeles for Greenlight’s annual team summit. A collaborative few days of team building and brainstorming is always a rewarding experience. It also gave us the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful colleagues on the other side of the pond and, for those of us new to LA shores, an opportunity to eat everything in sight…

Eventually the Beast From the East departed London and we were into early Spring which saw Greenlight and adam&eveDDBs first collaboration on the latest set of the highly acclaimed Halifax ads. We set forth down the Yellow Brick Road, securing the rights for Halifax to integrate their character Greg into The Wizard of Oz world. This included the clearance of the film and talent rights alongside re-recording rights to the song ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’.

By now summer was becoming proper hot so that roof top we mentioned before, well, it was getting some good use. Sadly, our office wireless limits roof ‘work’, but we did ensure that our creative industry peers could spend a bit more time outside and take home some summer gifting bags. Not only did these include localised guides as to where you could get the coldest beer, but featured Greenlight branded sunscreen, beach balls, frisbees and towels.

The ad featured film, talent, and music clearances to make.

Iconic clips from the Ghostbusters featured Halifax’s unlikely hero Greg the bank teller.

Fortunately everything but the localised guides are not restricted to London. Lathered in Greenlight sunscreen with a beach ball under each arm, it was time to don our finest linen and boat shoes and jet off to the always sunny, Cannes Lions. Our annual Greenlight-hosted lunch was a clear highlight whilst also ensuring ‘I’m on a boat’ was said every time we were on a boat.

As the summer got hotter and hotter so did the campaigns we were working on. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of the next Halifax campaign this time featuring the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters. We get to work on some fantastic campaigns here at Greenlight, but the consistency in effort and brilliant creative execution put in by the adam&eveDDB team made this project a real pleasure to work on. Greenlight again secured the clearance of the film and talent rights alongside re-recording rights to the one and only Ghostbusters theme tune by Ray Parker Jr.

Early Autumn saw the exciting launch of Greenlight’s brand new website (you’re on it by the way). A welcome update which saw Greenlight align with Branded Entertainment Network in design, voice, and feel.  Not to mention sleek presentation templates and collateral made to impress!

Late September and the everlasting summer was getting too much for some of us, so David in Business Development popped over to Scandinavia for a few days, meeting and mingling with current and prospectus agency friends.  His massive beard and cold temperament suited him well.

Those of us remaining on UK shores took a mid-week afternoon to enjoy a Disney showcase at Bafta which highlighted their 2019 films along with a few very special sneak peeks at what they have coming up. We left feeling like big kids, extremely excited to share what we could with our clients and what opportunities there may be in the future.

And just as the weather cooled down it felt like we entered award season and that end of year rush was beginning to happen. Our first venture to the Music Sync Awards saw us dance the night away and then feel sorry for ourselves the next.  The rather more formal Campaign Big Awards saw exactly the same situation happen again just a week later.

Working and networking tirelessly in foreign shores, award ceremonies and showcases demands a fairly constant level of coffee in the office, so it seemed only fitting that we continued our long-standing relationship with TBWA Paris and their client McDonald’s for their next coffee campaign. Greenlight icon, Charlie Chaplin, was featured in this wonderful creative that went live in November.

We cleared Charlie Chaplin for this ad for the French market.

As the ad was launched, our friends stateside celebrated Thanksgiving and we had our own little celebration by creating an in-office National Cheese Day. Everyone from the office brought in their favourite cheese, and we acquired a few chutneys and wines for good measure. We left a little rounder but more prepared for what was to come!

Christmas party season brought mince pies galore and a major project set for January. Can’t say much about that for now, but we look forward to sharing over the next couple of weeks. Of course, we couldn’t leave for Christmas without our own Christmas party, which saw a feast of epic proportions followed by Karaoke of not so epic proportions into the early hours. Some of us however are clearly destined for pop superstardom.

So that’s our 2018 in a nutshell. We cannot wait for what 2019 will bring and are already working on some blockbuster campaigns with all rights clearances safe and secured.

From all of us at Greenlight, we wish you all a fantastic 2019 ahead!