Tommy Hilfiger – Footage Sourcing and Licensing

Discovering the Early Careers of High-Profile Icons

Campaign Execution: Uncover and clear the rights to footage and stills of high-profile talent.  We sourced and licensed footage featuring Tommy Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton, George Russel and Angelo Braque.  

The Ask 
Tommy Hilfiger entrusted us with a creative, yet complex, brief that required the services of the Rights & Clearance Team to support the promotional efforts of a new collaboration amongst Tommy Hilfiger + Mercedes-AMG F1 + Awake ahead of the Miami Grand Prix in May 2023.   

The Opportunity 
The Rights & Clearance Team needed the clearance of an array of current and historical archive footage and stills for the high-profile collaboration. The complexity of the request included hours of research to uncover unique, and in some cases unseen, content featuring the talents throughout the course of their lives.  

The Result 
The promotional campaign for the new collection featured custom content including footage from Hilfiger, Hamilton, Russel, and Baque’s early childhood years, and continuing through into their respective present-day careers. The team of Rights & Clearance experts uncovered the perfect clips for Hilfiger and conducted all clearances and footage delivery within strict time and budget constraints for a successful launch.