Bushmills – Peaky Blinders partnership

A 360 licensing promotion

BENlabs worked with Proximo/Bushmills to secure designation as the “Official Whiskey of Peaky Blinders” through a licensing promotion that celebrated the final season of the series. Key to the success of this partnership was bringing to life a limited-edition prohibition style whiskey authentic to the era of the series as well as securing the Shelby Family name and Cillian Murphy’s likeness on the label and marketing collateral.

This 360 campaign included the following promotional elements: Co-branded product, Retail promotion, Digital spot and supported with Paid digital media, Brand O&O channels, Experiential media events in LA and NYC and an Influencer campaign.

Bushmills alongside Peaky Blinders promoted purchase of the Prohibition Recipe bottle through national advertising and co-branded content.

BENlabs also orchestrated a robust influencer program for Bushmills Prohibition Recipe by executing 27 pieces of content with 16 culturally relevant creators across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, garnering a total of 8M views.