Chanel N°5

‘100 Years of Celebrity’


Chanel released a number of films celebrating 100 years of N°5 which feature celebrities with links to N°5. The series is showcased on the Chanel website as the ‘Inside Chanel’ series and one of the film features our represented icon, Marilyn Monroe.

The Icon is shown in a glamorous, ‘Red Carpet’ press performance. The glamour of the icon is what Chanel is trying to ‘bottle’ for the fragrance. It’s a perfect brand/icon match.

Chanel’s partnership with Marilyn Monroe, has been running since 2013 but the connection with the brand is deeply rooted in Marylin’s personal history when she chose the perfume as nightwear. 

Associating the product with an icon who had an authentic association with N°5 can have a lasting and truly profound effect on consumers. If we look at Marilyn Monroe and Chanel, you think of the brand and you think of the icon. Icons can move brand stories forward.