Jeep 4xE

4xE Wrangler

The Solution

Jeep’s new ad campaign, launching the first-ever electric and eco-friendly 4XE Wrangler, features the words, images, and voice of Carl Sagan, famous scientist and astronomer, from his 1994 book, “Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of The Human Future in Space.”

From an insignificant pale blue dot into beautiful landscapes, daily life and celebrations, ordinary people and celebrated ones including our represented icons, Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein, Jeep pays homage to planet Earth.  Jeep reinforces its commitment towards a greener world in order “to explore and cherish the only home we’ve ever known” by placing a call to action that for every completed view of the “Pale Blue Dot” 4XE campaign on the brand’s YouTube channel, Jeep will make a charitable donation to combat climate change.