Pringles Stay In The Game YouTube Campaign

Greenlight worked with Pringles via agency Grey London to license the rights to use an original Spectrum ZX gaming computer, invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, for this YouTube campaign with Pringles.

As a tribute on the 40th anniversary of the ‘Speccy’ the campaign tapped into the noises made by the old binary code computers to attract the original fans of the computer. The campaign name, Pringlesonic | #PringlesStayInTheGame reflects the die-hard fanbase as audience for the campaign.

The gaming snack brand decided to share a Pringles chip using this binary code sound. The campaign takes us back to the early 80s and the 8-bit home computing revolution, sparked by this the mighty ZX Spectrum. A Pringlesonic Chip, an 8-bit depiction of a potato chip created in binary code sound, is then sent out to the world in this teaser film.