General Motors – Cadillac Celestiq

Uncovering the Rights of Iconic Talent and Photographs

Campaign Execution: provide clearance for photographs of icons represented by BENlabs, and personality rights for the Icons. 

Cleared Icons :  Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley 

The Ask 
Long-time BENlabs client, General Motors, tasked the Rights & Clearance Team to provide clearance to use photographs of cultural icons for the launch of a new Cadillac immersive theater experience, Electric Theater. The vision of the experience included celebrities and icons with ties to the Cadillac Brand, and even owned a Cadillac at one point in their lives. 

The Opportunity 
Not only did GM require permission from BENlabs to feature the icons, but they also needed help locating the rights holders of the photographs which would be featured in the Electric Theater experience.  

The Result 
The team’s extensive knowledge of archives and research skills allowed them to uncover and deliver the exact content required to complete the immersive experience. With the opening of Electric Theater, and launch of the Cadillac Celestiq, GM was able to provide attendees with a touring exhibition that showcases the possibilities of an all-electric Cadillac future.